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Chi freedom arts

Tai chi . Chi gung .with Mike Ridley

dragon and tiger medical chi gung / qi gong

dragon and tiger chi gung/qi gong, join our research project on the effects of dragon and Tiger chi gung ,its all free and we would like to see how these exercises effect the health and immune system...

Once you have the movements you can do solo practice and over time be taught more depth which keeps adding layers

and builds fulfilling results.

Practice in a peaceful place,,back garden,park etc(the music to the video was only added for fun )and although you can practice with music,i would recommend you find somewhere in nature,ie woods, fields ,beach,garden,basically anywhere you feel comfortable and energetically feels right,you want to build energy.

The movements are done 10 times each side of the body, ie 20 times for each of the seven moves.

Tip 1:

Build a solid foundation,

Standing in alignment.

Start by bending the legs ,just off locked.let the tail bone drop and point to the floor.let the top of the spine rise and let the front of the chest sink and hollow.the chin should be lightly tucked in,and the tongue rests on the roof of the mouth and the top of the head is risen as if being suspended from above by string.Stand with your palms facing backwards at your sides ,arms dropping straight down from your shoulders.Stand for a few minutes and notice how the body naturally starts to make micro adjustments to find a more comfortable and natural standing position.

Tip 2:

Relax your breathing, try to let your breathing sink to your belly. As you inhale gently, try to feel the front sides and back expand with the inhale and contract with the exhale . just ten minutes of this can greatly reduce stress and bring your awareness out of your head and into your body.This is a great way to release your nerves before you start your session

more practice tips to come 

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