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Chi freedom arts

Tai chi . Chi gung .with Mike Ridley

New shiatsu treatments available.

At the Holistic Health Clinic '

Beaconsfield road, Preston Circus, Brighton.

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and healing all over body massage.

It can release and unlock areas of blockage or stagnation that may produce pain, and tonify and energize areas of weakness.

All this is done by careful diagnosis of your body, medical history and the ancient methods of traditional oriental medicine, to provide you with an all round experience that can deeply relax

and boost the body's natural healing process and immune system.

Situated in Brighton, treatments are done in the very relaxing setting in the treatment rooms of the Holistic Health Clinic, and receive a shiatsu treatment specifically tailor made for you as an individual and your specific needs.

I trained with the european school of shiatsu for 4 years and studied chi gung tui na with Master Bruce Frantzis.

The treatment lasts aprox an 1hr to 1hr 15mins and is given fully

clothed with the exception when oils are applied for tennis elbow etc.

we ask that you wear or bring loose comfortable clothes that can stretch .

The price is only £35

Ring or email for an appointment

Mike .07557 788 828

common conditions helped by                        shiatsu are:

back pain

joint pain and reduced mobility


neck stiffness

digestive problems


stress etc

To see our shiatsu presentation you could go to chi freedom arts

on you tube.

Thanks to everyone at the European shiatsu school ..

Thanks to the talented and gifted teachers and assistant teachers.samsom Karn .Robin life.

Tim Mulvagh.(T)

Julie Decarroux.(T)

Donna Armstrong.(T)brighton ess director.

Markus Grasser. (T) Ess director.

There knowledge and kindness was an inspiration .