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Chi freedom arts

Tai chi . Chi gung .with Mike Ridley

New workshops

in 2018

Dragon and Tiger

Qi Gong

and Tai Chi short form

10am to 1pm

Price £30

Angmering community Centre

To attend please


[email protected]

or text

07557788828 or join whatsapp group to receive updates of events

Existing venue is :

Angmering Community Centre

Foxwood Avenue,

Angmering, Sussex BN16 4FU

We will be going over all the physical movements and adding the energetic content in a simple and concise way .

Workshop subjects include :

Dragon and Tiger Chi Gung

And Taoist Breathing

Amazing for health and vitality

Please text or email to reserve a place as numbers are limited for Saturday workshops

Numbers limited to 25 ,

(3 people are free if a low wage.

please apply by email.)

Other Subjects covered will be :

-Taoist Breathing-

Oxygenate the body and boost the immune system

-Dragon and tiger chi gung-

energising the body for health and clearing blocked chi

-Tai chi wu style short form-

Balance the body ,improve wellbeing, learn superior body alignments , heal the body.

-Opening the energy gates of the body chi gung-

standing and dissolving ,three swings and spinal stretch

-The marriage of heaven and earth

Open and close the body and pulse all the bodies natural pumps.

-Some future classes include-

-Ba gua-

single palm change circle walking-

upgrade the entire body and functions and as with all of the above

we will add the aspect of meditation for an experience of moving meditation.

-Standing chi gung-

learn to sink chi -energy-

develop and store chi

release blocked energy

Beginners welcome

. Class venue and time-

Mainly Sussex but may include other areas if there is enough interest

Angmering Community Centre

Foxwood avenue, Angmering

2 places are free for the low waged

Let us know your interest by text, whatsapp or email

07557 788 828

Free parking at the angmering venue

Other class subjects may include:

Saturday workshops 3 to 5 hours.

Tai chi wu style short form upgrade and deepening.

.      .

Dragon and Tiger set upgrade and deepening.

Opening the energy gates of the body chi gung.

The marriage of heaven and Earth chi gung.

£10 per hourly class

Shiatsu treatments £35 per hour with a preliminary 15 -20 minutes consultation .

Phone or text 07557 788 828 for upcoming classes.or a shiatsu treatment

- Free practice sessions once per month on a saturday or sunday

(outside gails permitting)

Find date and venue by email or text to

or text or whatsapp 07557 788 828 and we will send a reply asap

The venue is fun as is the morning and the chi gung,tai chi or ba gua is for anyone of any ability.

bring hot tea and warm clothes! And if the venue is outside Brighton and Hove,

car sharing would be great(comunication is needed for that!)

It would be great to see new and old faces alike!!

Be ready for text of venue only one to two days before the day! (adds to the fun)

Cheers and see you there Mike.

time is usually 10.30 am to 12.30 pm so you can still get back home for sunday lunch,