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Chi freedom arts

Tai chi . Chi gung .with Mike Ridley




     and gain

       chi freedom"

Welcome to chi freedom arts website.

We teach Tai chi and chi gung in a relaxed and easy to follow manor.

You may be drawn to Tai chi and chi gung, and the only way to know if its for you is to take a class.

Tai chi can be done at any age, the movements are done in slow motion and that slowly builds strength, balance and a deep sense of relaxation.

As opposed to many physical activities, with Tai chi and Chi gung,the joints and bones of the body slowly grow stronger ,along with all main body functions

I was trained and taught but many great teachers and a toaist lineage master of the internal arts of tai chi ,ba gua, chi gung and meditation.

..below is some more information about tai chi and chi gung..

.Tai chi short form is fairly easy to learn and includes the three main elements of health, meditation and the option of self defence

I also do wu style long form and old yang style long form , which I am prepared to teach to all those who show an interest and commitment ..

Dragon and tiger chi gung is an ancient exercise designed to make the body healthy, free from disease and regain vibrancy of youth, but to manage an illness, it is priceless. Learning the movements whether you can feel energy or not still gives you the benefits .Made up of seven fairly easy movements, concentrating on the acupuncture meridians. It increases energy,strengthens muscles and bone and upgrades the internal organs depending which channel or organ you want to work with(but you can include all)

. With regular practise, many people find increased youthful energy, along with improved stamina and increased speed and power in the martial arts. Because of the slow non jarring method, it is ideal for any age, giving greatly enhanced balance and coordination which in turn speeds illness recovery. Combined with toaist longevity breathing techniques, dragon and tiger-medical-chi gung is a wonderful healing exercise,well known in china to help with m.e. cancer,chemotherapy recovery and other difficult diseases.

As these exercises can unlock and release bound and blocked energy, they do not replace psychotherapy or conventional medicine,but definitely compliment them.

Cheers and happy practice. Mike

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!